About Me

About Me

“Helping online businesses connect the dots” – this tagline isn’t just a catchy phrase, but the ethos that drives every facet of my work.

With nearly two decades deeply entrenched in the online sales arena, I’ve grown into more than just a seasoned virtual assistant. I’m a strategist, a mentor, and an advocate for thriving authentically in this digital age.

Empowering You is My Passion!

More than assistance, I offer trainings, workshops, and indispensable advice on social selling. Juggling roles as a marketer, leader, customer service champ, and myriad other hats can be daunting. My mission? To shoulder some of that load, ensuring your unique voice shines through, while you focus on being unapologetically you.

A Glimpse Beyond Work:

Nestled in the Midwest with my family, I cherish our little acreage, which whispers tales of a century-old barn and dreams of clucking chickens. My agricultural roots enrich my everyday, and road trips? They’re my ideal getaways! As someone who revels in diverse cuisines (especially pizza – because, let’s face it, it’s the chameleon of foods) and could binge-watch ‘The Office’ for eternity, I also harbor a quirky aversion: sternum touching. Yup, it’s a no from me.

Let’s Work Together!

Do you think we’d vibe? I’d love to have a chance to meet you and see if we’d be a good fit to work together. Complete this form and tell me more about how you might like help inside of your business: