Hey, there!

Hey, there!

I’m Brooke

I’m your pink haired online business bestie ready to help you connect the dots. From social media management to technology assistance, and everything in between – I’ve got you!

With nearly 20 years of experience in the digital selling industry, my passion is helping online businesses step into their confidence and thrive online.

What I Offer


Coming Soon! A library of courses that will help you “do it yourself” in your online business.

Digital Products

From Canva templates to done for you social media plans. My digital products are designed to make it feel like you have already hired a Virtual Assistant!


Do you thrive best when you have someone to talk out your business ideas with? Or maybe you need someone to help you organize your ideas, or help jump start your ideas. I’m here for you!

Virtual Assistant

Are you ready to hire out help and stop doing it ALL yourself? I love helping small online business owners with their tasks, big and small!

How I can Help

“Helping online businesses connect the dots” – this tagline isn’t just a catchy phrase, but the ethos that drives every facet of my work.


With nearly two decades deeply entrenched in the digital sales world, I’ve grown into more than just a seasoned virtual assistant. I’m a strategist, a mentor, and an advocate for thriving authentically in this digital age.

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